Moo, Love & Green

Good morning everyone ! :D

I take a few minutes this morning to tell you all about my precious brand new buisness cards, that were finally delivered to my house this week.

I was super lucky, as both Etsy and Moo have a wonderful partnership and made for sellers a wonderful deal...

We were offered a 50 free buisness cards - like, Omg ! - since we were sellers on Etsy. No need to say, I had discovered Moo`s last promotion too late, as they were giving away 250 buisness cards about a year ago, to anyone who was asking for them. The only thing I actually had to pay so far, was the shipping, wich was pretty cheap, about 6-7$ for Canada.

The only thing was, I had to wait for a long time because of the shipping option I had chosen, and it would take about a month for them to get to me. I loved the cards so much, I wanted to have them right away ! :D

And of course, I was super happy to see that Moo offered a green version of the cards, so we can be more eco-friendly with a 100% recycled buisness cards. Cuz yeah, 50 buisness cards is a lot of paper, so imagine 500... ! The paper turned out to be thick and nice, with a nice effect and is very soft to the fingers, it has a smooth, yet a bit cardboard like texture.

Moo had a wonderful after sale service, as the confirmed my order, offered me a short, but oh so reasonnable time span to modify my cards, if I ever had the need to. The also sent me an email telling me that my cards were ready and that they were about to ship. In the end, I only had to wait for a bit more than 2 weeks to get my cuties ! I was really suprised of how fast the process turned out to be, as I would have suspected a huge amount of orders, especially because of Etsy`s promotion.

To make the cards were a piece of cake. Although I would simply underline that it was a bit hard to crop the images exactly like you wanted, but in the end I am super happy with the result. I came in a wonderful packaging, wich I will let you discover by yourself, and I also ordered a free sample of everything that they make.

The samples are awesome, so is the choices of papers and size. I just love how Moo indicates where you can add your design and to what extend is the product customisable - if that is even a word lol ! They indicate wich type of paper the sample has been printed on and gives you one sample wich a picture and one with colors so you can actually see the quality of the print.

My opinion ? I just fell in love with Moo twice ! I love how this compagny is fun, funky,simple, helpful - they have buisness stories to help you out when you are starting , great tips and examples of how you can use their products in different ways - and treats it`s customers like a princess ! :D

So, needless to say my friends, I totally recommand Moo if you ever need to have anything printed out ! :D

On this everyone, have a wonderful Valentine`s day week-end ! :D

* M *