Vernissage ! :D

Good evening everyone ! :D

I just want to take a few minutes to announce a very important news ! :D I am finally graduating from the Illustration and Design program, from Dawson College, Montreal !!!

It was a trip that was full of ups and downs as we faced different problems and happy suprises along the way. It will be this upcoming May 25th, at 6hpm, at Dawson College, on the third floor cafeteria. ( For those who came to Artist in Bloom this year, it will be at the same place. ) It is located at the Atwater subway station and there will be clear indications at where the event will take place.

Poster design by Sebastian McKinnon - All rights Reserved

The event is completely free and you will have the change to meet lots of great artists, illustrators and designers ! Everyone is welcomed ! If you are looking for a new employee or simply to encourage local artists, please stop by ! :D

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My online portfolio

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Thank you so much for stopping by ! :D

I hope to see you there !

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  1. I am doing a big giveaway and was wodnerign if you wanted to give soemthign, Let me know on my blog by the 5th!