5 things to expect at Kirameku next craft show

Hi everyone! :)

I promised new goodies for my next craft show at la Grande Bijouterie and so let me tell you all about it! :) Also, I'm excited to say that the Holiday sale has started at my Etsy shop as of last Saturday :) You can fuel up on Berries and take advantage of the sale until December 25th!

It will be the first time that I will attend la Grande Bijouterie and I just can't wait! Ill be there only one day so i have to make sure i make the most of it so i have been stocking up! 
Curious of what is sleeping in my atelier for the big day? Many, many things! :)

Here's Kirameku latest addition in the necklace section! :) 

* Dangle earrings in quilled gift card : Those gorgeous cards are born from a collaboration with the shop Imazinerie. You get one pair of Dangle&Drop earrings as well a a beautiful quilled card all at once! :)

* More Swarovski Earrings and Ooak earrings : I know you guys are big fans of one of a kind earrings and that Swarovski crystals are perfect for this Holiday season. Sparkle in style with our newest earrings! :)

* Necklace and earrings gift set : I've just recently talked about the Holiday gift section and I'm happy to say that you'll be able to find those sets and more at our table in Sherbrooke! :) Meawhile, the Iced RaspBerry set is complete and available in my Etsy shop! :)

* More colors of Berries : I'm always on the lookout for new colors and I have found plenty of gorgeous color combos that you can see for the first time at that craft show! I'll also be listing some of those colors on my Etsy shop after the show. Stay posted! :)

* More lights! To give a holiday spirit as well as to make it easy to find our booth, I have invested in beautiful fairy lights! I love the sparkling effect that they give to my booth, I can't wait to share pictures with you of the final result! :)

Also, before I finish, I just want to mention that new pieces are now available at l'Espace D for those of you who are living in Montreal. Take a peek at those funky ooak earrings that I've dropped on last Monday :)

Those unique hexagon crystal earrings are now available at l'Espace D in Montreal just in time for the Holidays! :)
On this everyone I hope you had an awesome week and that I'll see you soon in Sherbrooke! :)

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