Dreaming of Swarovski crystals

Hi everyone! :)

I hope you all had a marvelous week! What took me so long to blog again you may say? Well, I'm still setting up the apartment and been busy rearranging my atelier, trying to figure out the best way to optimize this new space of mine. It's only the second time I've moved and, silly me, I thought this time I would be able to set up and feel at home in no time since I had everything planned ahead. I didn't took into account that we were moving in a bigger space, and that in this case it meant a few furniture and light purchases. But before I will go shopping for some new bookcases and shelves, I had a very important and exciting task to take care of : shopping for some new Swarovski elements!

Did your eyes got a bit bigger and brighter? Mine sure did! :) I ordered a few new pieces last January, but as much as I love the new colors, that supplies order was meant to continue the existing Crystal Dangle Earrings Collection.

My last order of Swarosvki crystals Elements 

As much as I'm beaming to have now 12 different colors in stock - even if I keep postponing my photoshoot these days since its always raining - I wanted to create something new and dazzling for my upcoming craft fairs. As you may say the concept I'm currently working on is not unique and quite simple, but it is the type of earrings I've been craving for the past few months. I found myself disappointed with the color selection I found in stores, so I decided to create my own serie of Swarosvki Rivoli Crystal Post Earrings. I'll be wearing a pair at a friends wedding this weekend and I can't wait to show you the pictures…! My large supply order is on its way and I simply can't wait! :) What I love most about this new line? Those dazzling earrings will go perfectly with the Berry necklace collection and with the upcoming new Bridal necklace series.

The always expanding Crystal Dabgle Earrings made with Swarovski Elements

On this my friend, I can't say more for now! Stay tuned for more details, sneak peeks and what's in store for the end of summer. I have to run for now, got to get ready for the wedding!!! :)

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