Ready for a Handmade Valentine's Day?

Hi everyone! : )

Valentine's days is almost here, countdown : 1 month. How about you create something special for this year? Everyone loves some handmade attention. I thought that I might give you a few suggestions to help you get started : )

Got a tiny budget? 
No problem! I've got a few trics in my pocket to help you out. And tiny budget doesn't mean cheap, no worries! Your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife will appreciate if you took your time to make something special for them that is full of your love. : )

For the foodie or the choco-holic :
Handmade truffles :
Truffles are really easy to make! And what's best, you can personalize them very easily! You can make them in advance so you can wait until your sweetheart is out of the house before making this delicious gift! You can store them up to two weeks, so the only worry you'll have is to hide them well in your fridge!  Here's one of my favourite from Martha Stewart website:

Love truffles but you want a healthier option? Check out this Avocado-based truffles recipe from Crazy for Crust blog.

Candle-light diner at home : 
If you want to have a more personal night than just going out to a restaurant, how about you cook his or her favourite meal, dim the lights, light up tons of candles and put on your sexiest pair of heels and dress? Take your time with your sweetie, take a break of all this crazy hectic schedule and enjoy every minute! 
Want to surprise them with an original meal? Here's my suggestion :

Sweet and sticky pomegranate chicken from How Sweet it is, with a simple salad
 and close with a delicious  homemade chocolate pudding from Buttered Side Up blog (tried this recipe and it's super easy and delicious!)

For the DIY-er in you :
As a few of you may know, I'm a pinterest addict - or almost lol! I've narrowed down three of my favourite DIYs from Pinterest for Valentine's day :

Got a bit more you can spend but there's no time for you to make something?
Your sweetheart loves flowers but you hate that they wither away? Make a stop by The Crimson Poppy website to order a unique, handmade paper flower bouquet that will stay forever pretty.

Copyrigts The Crimson Poppy
* All rights reserved to The Crimson Poppy

May it be for jewelry, for gourmet or lingerie gifts, Etsy is filled with gorgeous shops that are sharing their love for handmade and giving you more options than you can think of.

Here's my suggestions from Kirameku for this Valentine's day :

That's if for me today guys! : )  If you have more Valentine's day ideas, please feel free to post it in the comments below! :D


  1. Mmm I love truffles! These are some cute ideas!

    1. Thanks Julia! : ) I'm glad you like the ideas. Truffles are super easy to personalize, they make a great gift! :D

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