With a bit of snifs, sneezes and snurbs...

Hi everyone….!

It's with a steaming cup of tea with lemon and next to my new best friend Kleenex that I write to you tonight. After a lovely romantic night with my boyfriend last week, my immune system decided to give me the sexiest gift of all : a flu…. How cute is a runny nose right?

I've been sleeping a lot over the last few days, also I wanted to apologize to you my fellow readers for delaying the Valentine's day I've promised you all.  The interview is still on it's way, no worries. I'll just have to post pone it for a tiny bit. I will post the link up on twitter once it will be published.

On this folks, you'll have to excuse me. Blogging with a runny nose and sneezing is almost a national sport. I hope meanwhile you enjoy the fresh new design of the blog.

I say good night to you and I hope none of you is sick because of these roller coasting temperatures in Montreal....

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