Delayed spring….

Hi everyone!

I was hoping I would be posting new pictures of Montreal by now along with some early flowers shots from my neighbourhood (someone here has gorgeous peonies every year), but seems like Spring took a rain check on us…. He gave us 2-3 beautiful sunny and warm days and then disappeared… O_o

My apologies, I'll have to make you wait a bit more for the pictures. Meanwhile, spring and summer are always giving me tons of ideas and inspiring me and it is actually quite hard for me to go to bed at night lol! I'm pretty sure some days my boyfriend would wish I would just settle down a bit! I'm writing them down and hopefully you will hear quite soon about these projects. For now I'm waiting a bead order that should come up pretty soon and I can't wait to have it! :) I know many of you had suggested seeing some berry bracelets and I'm working on and off on this project. It is quite harder than I thought as I do not wish to use elastics since the plastic eventually dries up and breaks. And finding the right pattern is never easy. In any cases, stay posted! :)

For now I'm breaking the cold weather with some hearty soup - just finished a homemade red and orange tomato soup yum yum - and I'm working on jewelry pieces full of colour to bring spring to my shop! But, to my boyfriend's delight, I will take a few days ''off'' soon since my birthday is coming up. And what I mean by days off is that I won't be checking my Etsy stats 3 times a day or be working on any project. But no worries, my shop will stay open and any order will be taken care of.

Also, I wish to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped during my FB giveaway and liked my page. I hope FB will provide a great venue for those who are following me. Please don't hesitate to make any suggestions, I am more than happy to tailor my posts to your liking!

I'm leaving you on my latest new piece! These glamorous earrings had been on my mind for so long, I'm very happy to see how beautiful the photoshoot turned out…! :D

On this everyone, good evening and I hope your spring is bright and sunny! : )

* M *


  1. The earrings are beautiful! I feel like we're still waiting for spring also. A few nice days, then rain...rain...rain!

    1. Hi there! :) Thank you so much my dear! :D I'm happy you love my earrings!
      Urgh, I'm sorry to hear that spring is taking his time at your place too…! Where are you from?
      Well I guess the rain isn't so bad in the sense that it will get us rid of snow faster, but still…. Rainy days are no fun. I hope you'll have your sunny days back soon! Thanks for stopping by! :D