My Spring wish list

Hi everyone! :)

Spring is in the air even despite the pouring rain and lack of heat in Montreal. It's a time of year where everything gets in full bloom and we get that sense of renewal and are craving changes in our life (well, that's how I would describe my spring fever). May it be big or small, today I would like to present are my favourite inspirations pieces for spring 2014.

Just to add a bit of context to this list, one of my resolutions this year is to keep my consumer goods to a minimum, as we are often buying much more than what we need. For example, I would go to an art store and buy various products that I used once or that are still perfectly sealed months/years after their purchase. I did a lot of massive cleaning up in the last month and I was stunned to see how much I had. I ended up recycling, up cycling, selling or giving away a lot of items. So long story short, this is why I'm presenting you with a list of inspiration that are basic products. Everything on my list can be easily mixed and matched, upcycled into DIYs or has many uses.

Fashion picks

I'm currently obsessed with yellow and I'm sadden to see it was disregarded in the winter collection - I don't understand why, grey and yellow make such a lovely combination…! Here are favourite picks for this spring.

Coquette Dress in Mustard yellow
I love this Coquette dress in mustard yellow…! It's so versatile, you can wear it to work with a small blazer, with sparkling earrings for a date and even with a blouse underneath it when the weather is a bit cold! And did I mentioned it's handmade and has pockets….?!
Coquette Dress in Mustard by Fleet Collection. All rights reserved by Fleet Collection.

Polka dots Messenger bag
Polka dots are such a classic, especially in black and white…! They will look perfect with anything - I would even add especially with that Coquette dress!
Handmade, custom orders accepted, adjustable strap…sold!

Simon's draped shoulder's tshirt
I know many of you loved the shirt I was wearing on my first photoshoot, so here's my reference : ) (And if you love this necklace, click here for more info!)

ASOS Midi Skirt In Scuba With Full Pleats
Pleated skirts are going to be ultra in fashion this year, but what I love about them are that they are a classic in any wardrobe, just like A-line and circular skirts. Those never get out of fashion. This lovely coral tint will brighten up your day as well as your basic blouses and shirts. Combine it with a small stand up collar blouse for travelling in summer, with a turtleneck for fall or with a simple vneck thsirt for a day out with your girlfriends!

Home picks

Spring is the season for flowers and gorgeous bouquets! Here are my blooming picks for the house.

Can you believe those flowers are all made out of paper….??!  It's a tissue box but it could also be used as a pencil or paintbrush holder, or to keep your loose change.

Ikea SKURAR flower pot
I simply love the lace like pattern on those! I think this gives them this little bit of chic that will make any plant look great and will hide the flower pot with elegance. They can be updated easily with spray paint and there are so many DIY to do with these if ever you do not need them as flower pots anymore.
Indigo's Glass Cloche Terrarium
I'm so in love with any glass cloche…! I love this one from Indigo as it's base makes it easy for you to find it new uses. How about a succulent garden to decorate your table at diner time or to add a touch of green in your studio? You could also use this cloche for any centrepiece for any Holidays, use it as a cupcake holder or to display any small object you would like to preserve! Tired of it's plain look? Decorate it with spray paint, washi tape and much more…! :)

Crate and Barrel's Peterboro Handmade Pie Basket
Baskets are such a classic! Instead of packing your pie or cake in a cardboard box, here's a simple solution next time you bring dessert over! How lovely would it be to have your pie inside and flowers under the lid as part of your hostess gift? This is also perfect for a small pick nick for two, road trip or for storage! : )


  1. Wonderful Selections. Spring is beautiful.
    Thank you so much for adding my work.

    1. Hi Ayşe! :)
      I'm so glad you loved the article! :D Yes, spring is a beautiful season, I can't wait for it to start here!
      And your very welcome, your products are beautiful! :)