Time flies…!

Hi everyone!

Ouf, let me tell you it has been a few super busy weeks on this side…!
I had a great time at the YES conference Wednesday on May 21st and I was so inspired by all of the speakers…! Although I was most astonished by Aldo shoes..... I was so stunned to see how big Aldo had become and how gorgeous the headquarters were! I mean Aldo has been part of the Montreal shopping landscape for a long time, but you know when you love a store, you don't necessarily think about checking out if they are international. And Aldo sure is…! It was incredible to see how many store and how large the company grew within the last decades. Bravo!
Also, Julian Giacomelli inspired me greatly with his idea of having a more organic company. He gave a lovely speech (which I don't want to steal) but mostly, the essence is that it is possible to have a company where every individual serve multiple purpose and in wich the work flows naturally. A resilient, adaptive and learning business. His business model? Nature…! His speech was fascinating and I was sadden to see we had such a short time to hear his ideas. I would have listen to his theories for hours…! I really hope I'll have the chance to catch another of his conference.

There were many great speakers, but Ethan from Frank & Oak amazed me with how his company brought the ambassador idea to such a new level. I love how they took the idea of their brand and pushed the boundaries, thought outside of the box with their ambassador program and events. Frank & Oak is more than just about clothing, it's a lifestyle and they created a community around their brand as well. I think Frank & Oak share multiple similarities with Etsy and it was a perfect guest speaker for my reasons for attending the YES conference. His passion for his work and ideas got my thoughts spinning for Kirameku in a whole new direction. Thank you Ethan!
That sums up the amazing YES conference for me. We were invited from 3pm to 9pm and I was eager to get back home to write some ideas down…!

I've also been busy preparing Kirameku second photoshoot for our necklace collection two week-ends ago. We had a gorgeous day in Montreal and we were lucky that the lilacs were in full bloom while we were shooting. We decided to get advantage of those gorgeous bouquets! Soon, I will post some sneak peeks here and on Kirameku Facebook page so please stay posted! :)
Also, I had wonderful reviews about my Dangle and Drop earrings collection on the lovely Blonde Ambition blog. Please check out the lovely review that Katie left on her blog! :)

Last but not least, Kirameku will be attending the ''Samedis Artisans de Venise-en-Québec'', a craft fair in Quebec. You can find all the details in the new Etsy Local Events with will help you pin point the exact location on a map. I will definitely will be back with a reminder but if you are in Venise-en-Quebec on July 5th, come say hello! :) I will be exhibiting my berry rings as well as my artwork. And yes, my geisha piece will be there! As you can see, it is slowly coming to life! I can't wait to add the colours in her hairpiece…!!

On this everyone, I wish you a wonderful week! :)
I'll be back soon with some more news, no more disappearing for days I promise!
* M * 

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