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Hi everyone!

Summer is finally here, and so is vacation time! Yay! I'm actually planning a small trip with my amazing boyfriend, but for now I can't say more than we are still looking where to go. There are so many beautiful destinations, but we can only spare a few days for travelling this summer. We would hate to visit a place and only see a third of what it has to offer us...! If ever you have any suggestions for a 3-4 days trip, we would be more than happy to be inspired! :)

Speaking of inspiration, I hope I could inspire some of you with my recent artwork posts. I thought that with these posts and summer at our door, I would give you my list of materials whenever I'm on the go. I always find it fun to see what people bring with them on a trip, I always learn something from it! May it be ''that was a bad idea'' to ''This is genius…!'' 

So here's my list of art material when I'm travelling :

* Digital tablet - I have some pre-loaded reference pictures on my tablet in case I go somewhere with no internet connection, otherwise I browse on my extensive Pinterest account. I find this is way more practical to be able to switch from picture to picture. It also saves some trees since I don't have to print 10-20 images to be able to bring them with me. Oh and yes, I always use references whenever I'm creating artwork, may it be for proportions, shadows or colours.

* Canson sample paper pad - I love how I got my hands on this sample pad back when I was working in an art store. It is such a shame to draft something on bristol paper only because you don't have sketch paper….! I don't believe I've seen such pads being sold on the shelves of any art store I've visited, and I find it's a shame! It is so practical to pack only one pad instead of 3. And it's much lighter...!

* Canson tracing paper pad - I never transfer an original drawing on another medium because I had many mishaps this way a few times. So I now trace my original with this paper and I then correct tiny details before transferring my artwork on my final support.

* Watercolors - I love bringing a small custom palette with me. I buy the water-colour in tubes, then pour my colours in my palette and let it dry overnight. The beauty of watercolour is that you can let the paint dry and reuse it as many times as you'd like…! They are perfect for travelling. Once dry, you don't have to worry about your paint freezing if you take the plane or in the middle of winter.

* Watercolor pencils - These I bring with me for two reasons. One, they are so much fun to play with! And second, they will act as my transferring medium at the back of my tracing paper so the lines will disappear once I'll ink the final artwork.

* Some blue col-earase - I've mentioned them in one of my previous post

* A few sizes of Sakura pigment pens - for inking and for my signature

* Various paintbrushes - I have this travel set of paintbrushes composed of brushes for watercolors and acrylics in a sturdy fabric case.

* Pencil sharpener

* Staedtler white eraser and thin eareser + refills - I've tried many erasers over the years but the staedtler one always gets the job done perfectly for drawings. There is nothing worst thank trying to fix one small detail in your drawing and having your eraser smudging your lined and ''staining'' your paper - if you draw often, you know what I mean! Also, I use this tiny eraser whenever I have just a few details I need to get rid of. And I always have one or two refills I just hate to have to put my work on hold because I ran out of eraser...!

So, what  do you artist put in your backpack when you are on the go? :)
Have a lovely day everyone! :)

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