The luckiest girl in the world !!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. On my side, I can say I had one of the greatest week ever!  Like some of you know, I had a lovely interview on Katie's blog on my birthday. That night I had a quiet diner at home with my lovely boyfriend and then on thursday, we went to see Marie Antoinnette ballet presented by Les Grands Ballets Canadien de Montreal, featuring the Houston Ballet as the representations started on April 9.
I was so excited, it was my first classic ballet show - I had only been to contemporary dance representations so far. We had great seats and the troup was really amazing. The choreographs were astonishing and there was quite a large group of dancers on stage almost at all time. Each section of the stage was cleverly used. I loved how they used the screens and a second level on the stage to help us go across various key points in the story while making it easy for us to view it all at once (it was a narrative ballet). The dancers were amazing and I still can't believe how easily the dancers moved and with what grace...! I knew ballet dancers were ultra flexible but there were some sequence in the choreography that just made me go : wait, she just did what...??  If ever you have the chance to go see it, I totally recommend it. The last representation is today so hopefully you'll be able to grab some good spots.

Image from Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montréal

But wait, my lovely week isn't over at this point ! Yesterday we also went to a spa and if I may add, a well deserved day of quiet and peace, expecially on my boyfriend side. We had a nice, warm and sunny day and we we so glad we were spending it outside. It seems here like all we had over the past few months was crappy temperature and getting our share of vitamine D sure wasn't a luxury....! We went in a spa in bromont and the view was simply astonishing....! From all the spas we've been so far, this one became our favorite. My only negative point would be if you have any food allergies you should call ahead and make sure they can accomodate you as their lunch menu is quite small and I wasn't too happy about that ( as I have many food allergies myself). Overall, we still had a great time and came out of there all relaxed and smooth. We definitely want to go back during summer and they even offer yoga classes on their beautiful site. Yoga in nature, I'm in!! 

It with a clear mind this morning that I had the time to sketch up some other ideas for my wedding collection statement necklaces. It will soon be R&D time when we'll get back to Montreal. I'll probably spend some time on those piece during the Easter holiday that is coming up, depending on the time left in my schedule after I'll have baked my Little gifts for Easter. Meanwhile if you have any suggestions, my door is always open! I'd love to hear from you about colors and patterns!
On this everyone, I hope you had a marvelous week....! :)