2014 recap & new projects for 2015

Hi there everyone! :)

I hope you all had an awesome start for 2015!! I love this lovely euphoric feeling that all is fresh and new, and full of possibilities at the beginning of the year ! :) I wanted to take a minute to lay out my goals for 2014 and 2015 as well as my new projects. Here were the objectives I had fixed for 2014:

Reach 100 blog followers * 42 FB followers * 1000 favorites on my Etsy shop * 142 Twitter followers * Make 142 Etsy sales * Attend 3 craft shows * List 100 items by mid-november * Pick up blogging seriously.

I think we can say that with 40 blog post last year, I commited myself to serious blogging and I hope you all enjoyed my articles :) ! As for my shop hearts, I didn't reach my goal but it's not because I haven't tried! I can't wait for 1000 hearts as I have planned a special giveaway once I reach it for all those who hearted my Etsy shop through the years. I'm also super proud to say I ended 2014 while having overreached my goal for sales! :) Thank you so much everyone for making this possible...! :) The success of the Berries on both my Etsy shop and at craft shows made it so that I ran out of time (and I have to admit energy and sleep) to reach 100 items on Etsy by the end of the year. 2015 started with 78 items in stock but not to worry though, I jumped on Boxing day sales to buy some more supplies to fill up 2015 with fresh new colors and designs! ;)

Best business moves for 2014:

Investing in a smart phone - it allows me to be so much more organized and time efficient it completely changed the way I think about planning. It also makes it so much easier for me to connect with all of you when I'm on the road and believe me, I do a lot of traveling. I personally own a Motorolla Moto G LTE android phone and I love how user-friendly it is.

Open a Facebook page - As much as I'm not a fan of FB for my personal page, I simply love my Kirameku Facebook page. I love to be able to send you quick posts about my newest projects, sneak peaks, promos and live feed while I'm at events like craft shows.

What's new for Kirameku for 2015 :

I have a lot of new projects this year for Kirameku so here's a quick list. I'll give you more details later but on feel free to leave a comment if there's something here that interests you! :)

Customer spotlight : Show us how you Style your Berry jewelry and awake your inner fashionista! Send me a picture of your best outfit featuring your Kirameku jewelry and a short text on your inspiration and I'll post it on the blog and my Facebook page. I would love to see your personal twist on fashion! :)

New Swarovski earrings : Yes, the precious crystals will make a big come back for 2015! :) Short and long dangles as well post earrings are on the menu paired with gorgeous colors! :)  I promise they will be glamorous, sparkling and full of colors! Stay posted!

New limited edition Berries jewelry : I took a break from listing Berries these past few days because I was on a hunt for new colors for the limited edition series! :) I found some gorgeous black with a mesmerizing firepolish, vivid two-toned green drops, soft blue and much more....! New rings and necklaces will be added soon! :)

Giveaways : It's a new year and I'm happy to say that the giveaway budget has been refilled! :) Make sure you hearted Kirameku Etsy shop to enter the giveaway for 1000 hearts! I'll be also collaborating with various blogs for more giveaway. Stay posted and don't hesitate to leave suggestions on blogs or which Berries you would like to win :)

Kirameku website : The graphic designer in me could no longer resist the temptation of building a website for Kirameku. For starters, I'll be using the free features of Wix, as I prefer for now to leave more budget for giveaways :)

Bridesmaids collection : I realized that Berries could be a wonderful gift for bridesmaids while staying in a decent budget. I'm working on some special packaging while trying to stay as eco-friendly as possible. For now, silk ribbons and glittery paper are involved ;)

Last but not least, a newsletter! You want to know all the news and stay posted on our latest additions? You can sign up to Kirameku's mailing list on the top this blog, just under the social network icons on the left side of the page or simply click here. You'll also get exclusive promotions and no spamming I promise. The newsletter should be sent about once a month.

I hope you are all as excited as I am about all those projects! :) Feel free to leave comments or feedback below I would love to hear your thoughts on all this :)
On this everyone, have an awesome weekend!

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