Pantone Color of 2015 - Marsala

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I thought today I would write a new type of blog post, more graphic design oriented and share with you the trendy colors of 2015 as released by Pantone.

For those of you who haven't heard of Pantone and wonder why you keep hearing this name everywhere, it is very simple : Pantone is THE reference in color world wide. From textile colors for fashion design, to latex paint for interior design or printed colors for graphic design, Pantone provides a color code and chart for all of those materials and much more. It's basically the recipe for you to achieve that particular color, whatever the medium you need (paint, ink, plastic....). If you are curious for more, check out their about page.

Pantone chooses carefully a color each year that will be the dominant color of that year and will embody it's essence. 2015 will be the year of Marsala (you can read the official Pantone post for Marsala), a deep-brownish red that reminds me of burgundy wine.

Pantone describes the selected color as having ''(...) impactful, full-bodied qualities of Marsala make for an elegant statement color when the color is used on its own or as a compelling accent when paired with many other colors.''

Although I agree with Pantone as of the rich and luxurious feeling of this color, I find it hard to use as it is somewhat elitist in my opinion. Let me elaborate, I would see this color as a dominant tone on a chic restaurant menu or a wonderful accent to make vivid colors pop in my fashion outfit but I would not use this color everywhere in every projects, especially in fashion as I find this shade of red very hard to wear. It is chic, but with a ''dark'' feeling if I may say and red is a capricious color to match with every skintones.

Personally I'm not a big fan of ''off-colour'' (colors that are toned-downed with their complementary to diminish their brightness) so I must say the Pantone colors for Spring 2015 are much more appealing to me. Especially that the name of the collection is in french ''En Plein Air'' (it's hard to translate but I would say Outside sums it up). Of course you have noticed here the lovely Scuba Blue and especially the Lucite Green hues are right into Kirameku's color palette! :) Those soft and bright shades talk to me much more and I see so many gorgeous applications for my little Berries! :)

Well on this everyone, that sums up my graphic-design opinion for the trending colors of 2015. I hope you enjoyed this new type of post and I'll be back with more inspirations and colors for every seasons. Meanwhile, get inspired and tell me how you would use the Pantone of 2015 in your projects!
See you soon!
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