I can't stop painting!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! Here we had very very cold days again and at minus 25 (or sometimes lower...!) Let me tell you that I can't wait for spring to get here...! I'm so glad the two days have been around minus 10, it is truly a relief! Feels like my body and mind are finally warming up and slowly combing back to their normal pace.

The cold temperatures got me reminiscing about my last trip to Mexico, with it's hot sun, palm trees and turquoise sea. It inspired me to make a Caribbean Blue Berry Ring, which you can see here in exclusivity! :) I believe the gorgeous transparency of the glass translates perfectly the depth of the Atlantic ocean that I first witnessed while we were landing in Mexico. I hope it brings a bit of heat in your harsh winter as well!
The lovely Caribbean Blue Berry Ring that will be added soon to Kirameku's Etsy store! :)
But I have a confession to make... These past few days, my mind slips away from my jewelry and always comes back to painting ever since I created my latest artwork.  I would come home from work and put the final touches on my watercolor painting. I wasn't staying very long in my atelier but I went almost everyday and took my time mixing and playing with colors. I believe I was simply away too long from my first love (painting that is). It's like it's calling me whenever I think of home, or get across my room and see the paintbrushes set in their tidy case, waiting for me to pick them up and bring them back to life. I was cleaning my art drawers last weekend and I fell on 5 miniature canvases I had completely forgotten about. Those small white square are speaking to me of colorful promises and hidden gems, but not clearly enough for me to go back to sketching just yet.

Right now my mind is filled with purples, oranges and red as I want to paint an anemone bouquet with watercolors, and on a bigger size than my latest artwork. I would love to make it a 9x12 inches or about, and have a soft blue and turquoise background to make the fiery hues pop out. My basic sketch is done, I'll be transferring it to my watercolor paper probably tonight, unless I decide to go buy a larger Fabriano watercolor bloc - they are so wonderful to work with but unfortunately quite expensive. I'm still hesitant to purchase some things since we are going to move in a few months, but the gorgeous 100% cotton Fabriano paper is such a pleasure to work with...!
I promise I'll keep you posted and will be back with  pictures! :) Meanwhile, what subject would you like me to paint next? :)
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  1. That ring definitely reminds me of a tropical vacation destination! It's such a beautiful color.

    1. Thank you so much Kim! :)
      I wish you could have seen the ocean, it was such a stunning color! There's no words to describe such a pure and translucent shade! :)