March Giveaway!

Hi everyone! : )

I'm sorry I've been buried under web design these past couple of days as my classes are coming to an end. I lost some work time because of my flu - do not attempt to code a website with an infernal migraine and irritated sinuses, you'll just mess your code up, I can guaranty you - so I worked super hard to pick up things and add the finishing touches this week-end. If ever you are interested, I'll post you the link to the website once it will be online. What do you say? : )

But, I didn't forget about you dear readers : ) In between classes I've been in contact with Kelly - a lovely blogger - who published an article about Kirameku and hosted a small giveaway. It's the first time I ever had a giveaway hosted on Rafflecopter, and I am more than curious to see the final results!

Here is a new model of the Dangle & Drop Earrings that you can win! Don't you think the colours are great for spring? :) Click the image to participate! And quick, you have 6 days left to enter the contest.

Also, Kirameku has open up on Wanelo, so if you ever wish to follow our latest fashion additions or to share your favourite piece, please visit us there! : )

On this everyone, best of luck for the giveaway! :D
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  1. Great giveaway! I added it to my link up for my readers to see too:

    1. Thank you so much Julia, that is super sweet of you! : ) Is it ok if I knock on your door to help me promote my other giveaways this year ? : ) Have a great day! :D

  2. Adding your giveaway to all of my sites...hope this helps! My favorite item is Holiday Berry ring - Limited Edition - OOAK

    1. Hi Donna! : ) I just say your tweet, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it! :D There was a big bump in the number of entries since yesterday, I guess that is thanks to you! : ) *hugs*
      I really love the Holiday Berry too, I think it is so pretty to see the colours twirling like that! I'm just sad those beads are discontinued, they make such a pretty pattern! Thank you for posting your favourite, it really helps me! : ) Have a great day!