Yay Spring! :D

Hi everyone!

I can officially say that spring is now in Montreal! : ) Like I've promised, I'm adding more pictures about my little city. Here, let me show you what our second day of spring looked like….

Yup, yesterday morning we has a snow storm here ( about 10cm). Thankfully the weather was quite warm so it was really nice outside once everything had settled. It was just a bit hazardous on the sidewalks with the ice under the snow but hey, I got plenty of vitamin D : ) And it was worth the wait, this morning the sun is high and bright under a beautiful blue sky, spring is finally here! :D

Also, I was thinking a lot this week on how I could make my blog more useful to you and I decided to include a new ''Ask me!'' section. I was thinking it would be nice for you guys to have a space dedicated to you, where you could say what's on your mind. I've been on Etsy for 5 years and have been studying arts for more than 7 years, so I thought I could give back and share my experience with you on those. What do you say? : )

And now a bit about business….
There's a few new things at Kirameku for spring and I hope you enjoy our latest additions. I want to give you delicate pastel hues that would fit with those brad new skirts and tshirts that you've bought.

Like I've mentioned quickly last time, Kirameku is now on Wanelo, a combination of pinterest and fashion. It is a great tool and I'm still trying to figure out how to adapt it to Kirameku, but slowly I'm getting the hang of it. Please take a look and don't hesitate to post your favourite piece from Kirameku's on our Wanelo's page!

Stay tuned, I've got plenty more models coming up your way and a few giveaways too! : ) On this everyone, happy Spring…!!! :D

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  1. I always love looking at your gorgeous rings! Happy to hear that you're on Wanelo now. I will go and follow you there. You can also create a Business Page there, that you can manage, and it will show all of your Kirameku designs and creations. I haven't used Wanelo as much as I should, probably. It's another great tool. =0)

    I can't believe that it's spring time and there is snow in so many places still! Here in California, we barely got any rain!

    1. Hi 2justByou! Nice to meet you! :) I'm so glad you love looking at my rings, I am having so much fun creating those new patterns! :) Thank you for following me on Wanelo, I appreciate! I already claimed my page and now I'm trying to come up with lovely stories to feet people excited about my products. Wanelo is a great tool, I'm really happy to see how the price shows up so easily compared to pinterest. I think it's a great venue for businesses.

      Lucky girl, California…! Sunny and hot, take some vitamin D for me please? :P We had a really bad summer last year and a bad winter, it is definitely about time that the sun comes up here and that springs blooms! Thanks for your comment dear! :D

  2. I found a way to follow your blog through bloglovin. Now every time you post, I will see what you blogged in my daily feed from them. Back to Handmade Artists Forum.


    1. Hi John! : ) Awesome! :D Thank you so much for following me, I really appreciate! : ) I'll try to find this icon for bloglovin, now that you mention it, I hadn't thought about it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy my articles! : )