Kirameku update

Hi everyone! :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and aren't buried in work! I just wanted to give you a quick update on Kirameku as I have finally reached 92 items in stock, yay! :)

Berry Necklaces : I have yet one more necklace to list. I find that my pictures from the last photoshoot were too dark and not bringing out the lovely details in the green shades of the Moss Berry Pendant Necklace. Although, I wanted to share with you my "coup de coeur" like we say in French, for this gorgeous new Silver & Green Berry Necklace. There's now 10 Berry Necklaces listed, yay! And don't worry, I'm still working on the Cobalt & Snow Bridal Necklace. My hope is to list it in May but we'll have to see how things goes with our moving schedule.

Love the Silver & Green Berry Necklace!

Kirameku 1000 heart shop giveaway : I have drawn a number and contacted the winner during the Easter weekend. I have unfortunately never heard back from the winner. It really saddens me and I tried giving the winner more time to claim their prize because of the Holidays, but it didin't work out. I will be drawing a new number and contacting the new winner in the following days, so please check your convos! And best luck to all! :)

Swarovski earrings : I jumped on my camera as soon as there was a beautiful sun outside and shot 4 different pair of Swarovski cristal earrings. You can now enjoy 2 pairs that were listed a few days ago. I hope you will love them! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the new Swarovski earrings collection or request a particular color, I would love to hear them! :)

The gorgeous Bermuda Blue Swarovski Dangle Earrings!

Craft fairs : I'm sending many applications before the month of April ends. I will keep you posted on witch show Kirameku will attend. Etsy local/Facebook events and blog posts will be created when I'll have my confirmations. I hope to be able to meet you in person this year as well and I'm aiming at least 3 craft shows for 2015. Stay posted and don't hesitate to subscribe to Kirameku's newsletter to get all the details in your inbox! :)

Like always, your feedback is very appreciated and custom orders are more than welcomed so please, don't be shy and leave me a comment! :) Have a great week everyone!


  1. So close to having 100 items listed! I'm lucky just to get past 30 items in our shop.
    I'm excited to hear about your craft fairs. =0)

    1. Thank you so much dear! :D It took me a while to be able to get to almost 100 items, I'm really glad to be so near! :) Thank you so much for your support! I can't wait to tell you all about the fairs! :D