Lime Green & Turquoise

Hi there !

Wow, gee, it has been such a long time since I haven`t posted on here ! As I have spread the word a bit before I was busy repainting my room, and it is finally done ! You`ll excuse the poor lighting of the pictures, as it has not rained, but showered all day and I am still busy putting everything back on it`s rightful place.

All right ! So let`s see it ! :P

Here are the two dominant colors, in plus of white walls. I`ll put up more pics when the sun is up :

Aren`t those lovely ? Great discovery for less then 10$ ! Yay !

And yes ! Finally I have a librairy ! Please overlook the mess lol

And and, yes I might not be around a lot these days on Etsy lol, but I am working on a sweet watercolor of a Columbine.

Here is the work in progress :

I have tried this time 90 lbs special edition Winsor and Newton watercolor paper, medium grain. I find it is not the best one to work with, even though I am addicted to this compagny - I simply loooooooove all their products ! Mediums, paintbrushes, paint... I just love it, there is nothing else to see lol. I am a W&N junkie O_x ! lol

And, as usual, you can see the gorgeous colors of Holbein watercolors ;P

Hum... beside that, what else... I tried to figure out how TweetMeme work but I think I haven`t totally mastered it yet lol. I want to try recepies and go out but well, work is in the way lol, and the back to school is getting nearer and nearer.... Hurray for those stupid artwork lists that goes like following : Pencil.
Great. And when you ask the poor girl, she doesn`t even know what type of pencil she needs, as the teacher haven`t said it. Love love those.... -_-'''

Oh well, I`ll be getting back to school soon too ! Fious, back to 3h of traveling a day, well... let me tell you that I sleep a lot in the subway in the morning lol ! All right ! I can`t wait to have my young girl with the pearl earring painting back ! I`ll tell you all about it when I`ll be able to get better pictures. For now I have just details so it dosen`t make a lot of sense lol.

All right ! That`s it for today !

Got to go back to cleaning and decoration ! :D

See ya all soon ! :P

* M *


  1. what a bold color choice! looks great!

    found you via etsy forums, i hope you'll come visit me too!


  2. LOVE those colors together. They look fantastic.

  3. Thanks ! :P

    I just fell in love with them ! I can`ty wait to have everything cleared out ! :D

    jd, I am following you ! :P

  4. I love the color choice! What an inspiration