Well, let`s nail that !

Hi everyone !

sorry for the late update, I had such a busy week ! Work, etsy, the 30 minutes of fame, painting my room... !

So, I have listed three new gorgeous rings, they are so cute !

I got tons of new ideas, new beads on their way, and a work in progress with another Etsy sellers. Fiouf ! For now, let me just give you a peek of my newest listing, as they are just too cute !

Rainbow Berry ring - Limited Edition

Pink Champaghe Ring - Limited Edition

Summer Blue and Lime Green Chrysanthemum Ring

So there they are ! :P

I am a really happy that while I had my fame this week, so many people stopped by to give me a hand, it was great !

Oh well, my ice cream starving won`t leave me alone, so I`ll have to go for now.

I can`t wait to have my room painted ! It will be sooooo nice ! :D

Oki, since I haven`t done this for a while, before going :

Countdown : 55 items listed
25 still more to go ! :P

Have a great night everyone !

* M *


  1. Wowww... Very very beautiful...

    share my DIY with you :)

  2. Thank you Mukuc ! :P

    You have cool pouches ;P